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Why leasing might be better than buying

By PR 15/08/2017

Leasing Consultant Katie Dowse arranges asset finance on new and used printers and equipment for SEDO’s customers. We spoke to her about why a finance agreement can have substantial benefits over buying your printer outright. ...

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Eco-Solvent Ink: A Better Understanding

By Andy McGuinness 10/08/2017

So the debate rages on, and at one extreme there are those who would have you believe that eco-solvent can’t hold a candle to latex in terms of colour, curing times and environmental considerations. This, of course, is not the case and your choice of printer and ink system needs to be taken on the basis of solid facts rather tha ...

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How to add to your margins with the right finishing equipment

By Andy McGuinness 18/07/2017

Finishing equipment is all too often thought of as an additional expense or an avoidable outlay by small and medium-sized printers. That’s understandable, but SEDO Director Andy McGuinness feels it’s time they were viewed from another angle. ...

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High profile: SEDO’s new media profiling service

By Andy McGuinness 11/07/2017

SEDO is now offering a media profiling service to its clients. Director Andy McGuinness explains why. ...

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An interview with Luke Walford

By The team 08/06/2017

Luke Walford is SEDO’s Director of Consumables and Print. We caught up with him for a quick chat about why he enjoys working for SEDO, how his perception of print has changed over the years and what he gets up to in his spare time. ...

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We're Hiring! Join the SEDO Team

By The team 30/05/2017

We are looking for a talented operator that will thrive in a growing print room dedicated to Large Format Print. As resellers of large format printers we have the highest work standards. We also offer a highly competitive disaster recovery service to our customers in addition to our sales. Responsibilities • Set up of Wide ...

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New Beer's Resolutions

By Andy McGuinness 26/05/2017

More than an opportunity to showcase equipment, trade shows and open-house events are a chance to send a message. In the case of New Beer’s Eve we wanted to broadcast to our customers that SEDO is an all-in-one shop for large format printing. Throwing open the doors is the perfect opportunity to bring our current customers up to ...

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South East Driving Office

By Andy McGuinness 19/05/2017

With all the backlogs and customer confusion that attended the flurry of spring bank holidays I thought my team might need to let of some steam. Last month we headed down to Rayleigh Indoor Karting and traded in the flatbeds for a bit of Formula 1. Team bonding is important. Getting out of the office and into different envir ...

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Interview with Mike Vincent

By The team 01/05/2017

As part of our ongoing series of interviews, we recently caught up with our Head of Technical Services, Michael Vincent. He’s been with the company for a year now and is well settled into the job, so we thought it was time to find out how things are going. ...

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Beware the scammer!

By Andy McGuinness 11/04/2017

After a recent brush with a scammer, SEDO’s [Andy McGuinness] decided to take a closer look into the world of business scams and how legitimate enterprises can protect themselves from sharp practice. ...

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