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Introducing Metamark Optically Clear Film

By Andy McGuinness 22/05/2019

Metamark’s MD-CR optically clear polyester window film is a 50 micron crystal clear window film that offers an optically clear finish when applied to glass, perspex and other transparent surfaces. The results are brilliant high-definition images that can be used for permanent graphics, such as architectural window manifestations ...

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Introducing the Summa F Series

By Andy McGuinness 17/05/2019

With more than 30 years’ experience in designing market-leading cutting plotters, Summa is the go-to brand for professional flatbed finishing systems. With the F Series, you’ll be buying into a complete solution – these advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid substrates as well as roll s ...

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Andy McGuinness – 10 years at SEDO

By Andy McGuinness 03/05/2019

On the 5th of May, SEDO MD Andy McGuinness will be celebrating a very special anniversary – it will be ten years since he joined the company founded by his father, Brian McGuinness in 2005. In 2009, it seems, the stars collided – a longstanding employee was about to retire after working with Brian for more than 30 years, and And ...

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Introducing DPI printing

By Andy McGuinness 23/04/2019

If you’re new to the world of printing, one of the first things you’ll need to know about is DPI. What does it stand for? Dots per inch. And why is it so important? It refers to the number of dots printed along a one-inch line. The higher the DPI figure, the more dots, and so the sharper and more accurate your print will be. It’ ...

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Introducing the Contex HD Ultra X scanner

By Andy McGuinness 17/04/2019

If you thought we just supplied printers, think again – there are plenty of other pieces of kit that a busy print operation needs, and we can provide them. For example, most print shops could benefit a high-quality scanner for digitalising old plans and drawings. If it’s something your clients have asked for, it would be worth y ...

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Your guide to using white ink

By Andy McGuinness 11/04/2019

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using white ink – it broadens the range of services you can offer to your clients by allowing you to print on coloured media and transparent film – but there’s also an additional cost to running an extra colour. However, don’t let that put you off, because using it will certainly con ...

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Are you printing outdoor banners?

By Andy McGuinness 04/04/2019

If you aren’t, you should be! It’s as simple as that. Outdoor banners have an important place in advertising and for that reason alone, they should have an important place in your print room. Quick and easy to produce, they’re needed by a wide range of businesses and can provide a steady turnover with a good return. ...

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We’re heading for the North!

By Andy McGuinness 29/03/2019

When SEDO started out, we were originally called the South Eastern Drawing Office. Which was fine – but geographically limiting. As the company grew, we knew we would need to spread our wings to cover the whole country – hence the change of name to SEDO. Now these plans are coming to fruition. In association with a brand new par ...

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Meet the Epson SureColor TX200 Series

By Andy McGuinness 20/03/2019

Epson SureColor T printers have an amazing reputation for producing highly accurate mono and full-colour large-format images for technical and design applications – they’re the go-to printers for plans, drawings, designs, maps and presentations. But now the SureColor TX200 series builds upon and enhances this reputation with a s ...

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It’s time to go PVC-free!

By Andy McGuinness 14/03/2019

For the sake of our planet and the future of the environment, it’s time to do anything you can to make a difference. And one thing you should certainly consider is going PVC-free when it comes to banner material. Envirotech PVC-free material is not only kind to the environment, but it will help you attract all those companies an ...

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