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Can we plug our burgeoning skills gap?

By Andy McGuinness 16/03/2017

Take a moment to consider your workforce. What’s the average age? When did you last hire an apprentice? It’s time to talk industry demographics. ...

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Do you really need white ink on your printer?

By Andy McGuinness 14/03/2017

Andy McGuinness, SEDO’s Director of Sales, takes a look at the pros and cons of adding white ink to your printer. Do you need it or can you outsource? ...

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You’re invited to SEDO’s New Beer’s Eve celebration


Next month, SEDO is shamelessly importing an American tradition into the British Isles: we’re hosting a New Beer’s Eve event to celebrate the end of prohibition ...

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Will all those extra ink channels really make a difference?

By Andy McGuinness 16/04/2017

SEDO Sales Director Andrew McGuinness weighs up the evidence for and against the current trend of adding extra ink channels to solvent printers ...

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Is ‘sellable print speed’ really sellable?

By Andy McGuinness 01/02/2017

SEDO Managing Director Andy McGuinness explains why some suppliers’ claims for speedy printing aren’t quite what they might seem. ...

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Why not join us at Agfa’s Eyes Wide Open event?

By The team 13/10/2016

Agfa is hosting an exciting open house at its Leeds demonstration centre on 18th, 19th and 20th October – and we think you should join us there! ...

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Sharing the industry’s best-kept secret: Caldera V11 RIP

By The team 01/11/2016

SEDO thinks that Caldera V11 is one of the industry’s best-kept secrets – so we’re going to break confidences and tell you why. ...

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Scorchio! Keeping your wide-format printer working well in hot weather

By Mike Vincent 15/09/2016

Our Head of Technical Services has some advice for making sure your machinery doesn't let you down in the heat. ...

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SEDO chosen to grow Agfa’s presence in technical and CAD markets

By PR 01/08/2016

Announced 1st August, SEDO is now a proud supplier of the Agfa Anapurna range of wide-format printers. ...

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A wealth of choice: explaining the Agfa Anapurna wide-format flat-bed range

By The team 02/11/2016

Now we’ve taken on the awesome Anapurna range from Agfa Graphics, we reckon it’s time to give you a walkthrough. ...

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