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Caldera V13 – now available for upgrade

By Andy McGuinness 10/18/2019

There’s a new version of Caldera’s award-winning RIP software – and with a whole raft of new and improved features, it’s well worth the upgrade. Promising more streamlined production, and greater scope for tailoring your workflow, you’ll save both time and money with a whole new Caldera printing experience. ...

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Meet the Epson SureColor SC-S80600L

By Andy McGuinness 10/10/2019

You might think that a printer’s just a printer, and that when it comes to creativity, it all resides in the imagination. But this isn’t actually the case. The new Epson SureColor SC-S80600L has been specifically designed to let your creativity blossom, with outstanding print quality and a 10-colour ink set that allows you to gi ...

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Want to save 20% on your ink bill?

By Andy McGuinness 10/4/2019

How much do you spend each month on ink? Too much? You’d certainly be happy if you could spend 20% less without any loss of quality, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, you can do just that by upgrading your printer to the new SureColor SC-S60600L, while at the same time benefitting from Epson’s renowned print quality and reliability. ...

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Getting the best out of your Mutoh

By Andy McGuinness 6/27/2019

For high-quality graphics for indoor and short-term outdoor use, it’s hard to beat a Mutoh. Their wide-format printers, designed specially for dye sublimation and imaging applications, can use water-based or pigment ink across a wide range of substrates for poster and graphical applications or can be loaded with Mutoh disperse d ...

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Introducing Concept®285 RoughMark™ vinyl film

By Andy McGuinness 6/20/2019

General Formulation’s Concept®285 RoughMark™ is high-tack, easily-removable matte opaque polymeric vinyl film that’s suitable for use on brick, block and concrete wall surfaces for amazing promotional and decorative effects. ...

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Introducing ProofMaster

By Andy McGuinness 6/12/2019

From the people who created PrintFactory RIP software, ProofMaster is a new high-quality, affordable contract proofing system. Feature-rich and easy to use, ProofMaster will give you the confidence to print right first time, every time, with the most amazingly accurate colours. ...

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Six ways a Summa cutter will benefit your business

By Andy McGuinness 6/4/2019

Summa cutters are the market leaders when it comes to vinyl roll cutters, and here are six solid reasons why investing in Summa will benefit your business. ...

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Top tips for reducing printing costs

By Andy McGuinness 5/29/2019

Whether you’re printing material for yourself or for clients, you probably feel the pressure to keep costs down and output high. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimise your outlay without compromising on your quality – and if you follow our advice outlined below, you’ll find yourself getting better value for money ...

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Introducing Metamark Optically Clear Film

By Andy McGuinness 5/22/2019

Metamark’s MD-CR optically clear polyester window film is a 50 micron crystal clear window film that offers an optically clear finish when applied to glass, perspex and other transparent surfaces. The results are brilliant high-definition images that can be used for permanent graphics, such as architectural window manifestations ...

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Introducing the Summa F Series

By Andy McGuinness 5/17/2019

With more than 30 years’ experience in designing market-leading cutting plotters, Summa is the go-to brand for professional flatbed finishing systems. With the F Series, you’ll be buying into a complete solution – these advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid substrates as well as roll s ...

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