Trimfast Rotary Paper Cutters

Cut paper, film or foil with a smooth slicing action that leaves a neat, professional cut. Simple, safe and durable, each trimmer features a rotary blade and automatic clamping as well as a blade guard. Larger models such as the A1 / 22x34" and A0 / 34x44" also come with a fitted stand.

"That's a Guillotine, isn't it?"

Rotary Trimmers are very often called 'Guillotines', but they differ in the way they are contructed and operate.

A trimmer uses a rotary blade that slices through paper from side-to-side. Trimmers are better at cutting smaller amounts and are the preferred option in schools and colleges, as the blade is encased in it's own housing and is therefore safer.

A guillotine on the other hand allows you to get an accurate cut when needing to cut larger amounts of paper. Guillotines use a downward shearing action to cut through the material.

We also supply the Trimfast range of Guillotines